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#GreatReturnMarch #Palestine ... Please share widely

March 29, 2018, 7:49 pm

 #GreatReturnMarch aims at implementing Palestinians' right of return to their homes, villages and cities from which they were expelled in 1948

 #GreatReturnMarch wants to realize the Palestinian refugees' right of return

 #GreatReturnMarch is in accordance with the pertinent UN resolutions, especially UN Resolution 194 calling for the return of Palestinian refugees at earliest practicable date

 #GreatReturnMarch wants the support of the whole world in advancing values of justice, equity and peace for Palestine

 #GreatReturnMarch calls for implementation of paragraph 11 of UN Resolution 194 calling for the return of Palestine refugees at the earliest possible date

 #GreatReturnMarch calls for the UN to take full responsibility to protect Palestine refugees and enable them to return to their homeland

 #GreatReturnMarch Right of Return is a sacred, inalienable right  and must be implemented as soon as possible

  #GreatReturnMarch is a peaceful, non-violent and civic sit-in aimed to implement the right of return for Palestinian refugees

 #GreatReturnMarch is a new form of Palestinian struggle where women, men and children are taking part to call for their human rights, return and freedom from colonial occupation

 #GreatReturnMarch highlights the primacy of values of universal justice, human decency, equal rights and peoples' rights to self-determination

 #GreatReturnMarch aims to right a historical wrong committed against the Palestinians by enabling them to return to their homeland

 #GreatReturnMarch wants to end the Israeli apartheid, racist regime that continues to oppress and terrorize the Palestinians

 #GreatReturnMarch says "We are fed up with waiting", "We are returning now under international resolutions and human rights conventions"

 #GreatReturnMarch sends a message of peace based on the right of individuals and peoples to return to the lands from which they were displaced

 #GreatReturnMarch is a cumulative, civil, peaceful sit-in calling for the implementation of right of return for Palestine refugees

 #GreatReturnMarch follows the examples of Gandhi's Salt March and Moroccans' Green March in calling for justice and freedom from oppression

 #GreatReturnMarch is an ethical struggle that refuses to use any form of violence, but people's power and armed with the power of their rights and the justice of their cause 

 #GreatReturnMarch draws on Palestinian civil society to take the lead in peaceful protest aiming to implement the right of return

 #GreatReturnMarch stresses that Palestinian people will never abandon their legal and historical right of return 

 #GreatReturnMarch calls for the immediate, peaceful return of the Palestinian refugees to their homes and villages and cities that they were expelled from

 #GreatReturnMarch wants to free all people from fear, structures of oppression and warmongering based on equal rights and democratic values

 #GreatReturnMarch aims to break borders of fear and oppression and to secure justice and decency for all peoples in the region

 #GreatReturnMarch stresses that the Palestinian people are struggling for their human rights  and freedom against all forms of Israeli occupation and oppression

  #GreatReturnMarch wants to remind the world, especially world governments that they have a responsibility to end the occupation and enable Palestinian refugees to return to their homes

 #GreatReturnMarch wants to remind the world that Israeli military occupation must end and justice must prevail

 #GreatReturnMarch wants all people of conscience to stand up for the Palestinian right of return and the primacy of the international law

 #GreatReturnMarch says NO to oppression, NO to injustice, NO occupation and NO to apartheid 

  #GreatReturnMarch says YES for return, YES for self-determination, YES for justice, YES for equal rights

 #GreatReturnMarch calls on millions of people around the world to stand by Palestinians in their struggle to return to their homeland

 #GreatReturnMarch f they have arms, we have rights and the support of the world 

 #GreatReturnMarch No More silence, No More Waiting, JUSTICE MUST PREVAIL

 #GreatReturnMarch Glory to the marchers for they stand in the face of injustice and occupation 

 #GreatReturnMarch is a peaceful sit-in from the beginning to the end

 #GreatReturnMarch The United Nations has  responsibility for Palestine refugees.