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Red Cross closes its Ramallah office following break-in

May 17, 2017, 8:40 am

The International Committee of the Red Cross on Tuesday suspended its activities in Ramallah city until further notice due to what it called “serious threats” against its staffers.

In a press release, the Red Cross stated that its office in Ramallah was raided by a group of people, who threatened the safety of its employees, and forced them to stop their work and leave the office.

For his part, Christian Cardon, head of the Red Cross mission in Jerusalem and the West Bank, condemned the break-in at the committee’s office in Ramallah as “unacceptable.”

Cardon said that different Red Cross offices were exposed to similar incidents in recent weeks in the West Bank and called for putting an end to such acts.

He noted that the closure of the Ramallah office would not affect the committee’s work in other areas of the West Bank